The right choice!


Equipe has been operating since 1998. Our aim is to build good and long-term relationships between customers and employees that we are recruiting.


We can boast nearly 10-year cooperation with some of our customers. This reflects high stability of our company and at the same time its flexibility and ability to adapt to changing economic conditions and requirements of the labour market.


We have high recruitment competences. Candidates for specialist positions as well as unqualified employees are subject to careful selection. Every person working for us has undergone the detailed verification process. Therefore, we offer only selected, motivated and relevant employees to our customers.


We are characterised by the individual approach to conducted projects. Our consultants carry out the precise analysis of the needs and expectations of employers so that we can jointly work out the best solution and determine the optimum profile of candidates.


Over the entire duration of the collaboration, we maintain close contact with our employers and employees to optimise the cooperation process.


Constant training of new employees is costly. Therefore, it is worth cooperating with an experienced and reliable partner. Contact us!


We can offer our employers production workers for jobs that do not require high qualifications as well as highly qualified specialists in the following branches:



  • production equipment operators,
  • turners and CNC machine operators,
  • unqualified workers.



  • machine operators,
  • quality controllers,
  • packers.



  • butchers,
  • quality controllers,
  • meat trimming and grinding workers,
  • packers.


Logistics and transport:

  • warehouse workers,
  • logistics employees,
  • fork-lift truck operators,
  • truck drivers,
  • forwarders.


Building industry:

  • bricklayers,
  • tilers,
  • plasterers,
  • painters,
  • roofers,
  • pavers,
  • woodworkers,
  • construction carpenters,
  • welders,
  • plumbers,
  • central heating fitters.


As well as employees such as:

  • construction assistants,
  • demolition and site cleaning workers,
  • earthwork workers,
  • etc.


Health care:

  • nurses,
  • home nursing employees.



  • programmers,
  • computer network designers and administrators,
  • computer graphic designers,
  • website designers.


Engineering and technology


We accommodate our employees nearby their place of employment and provide them with means of transport as necessary.